I adopted my American Eskimo, Chance from Eskie rescue when he was 3 years old.  Chance is a highly social dog and after some research I decided agility would be fun for he and I to do together.  So, I took him to training classes and started showing him after about a year.  Chance loved it!  He loved the other dogs and people and enjoyed the obstacles.  He did very well and continued to move up in agility.  Earning titles until he got to Excellent B jumpers and Excellent A standard in AKC agility.  Then I started noticeing he was leary of jumping on the table or going up ramps.  Then he started falling off of them.  I took him to Auburn University where they ran an MRI, a CT scans and a Spinal tap to rule out a brain tumor.  Thank goodness all of that was clear and Chance was diagnosed with Vestibular syndrome or in layman terms, Vertigo.  The Vets said there was nothing else they could do but give him a drug.  I could not tell that it helped him at all.  So we just kind of did the best we could and lived with it.  I felt I had exausted all avenues until recently, a year and a half later, I heard about Rod.  Rod started doing the exercises on Chance that people do that have Vertigo and I have seen an amazing improvement!  He is now having good days where he wants to play ball and be with us instead of laying under the bed all the time being dizzy.  Rod has showed me how to administer the therapy and while Chance is not perfectly normal yet, he has VASTLY improved.  I am extremely thankful to Rod for this.  Even though I will never run Chance in agility again(I would not take the chance on his getting hurt and he is now almost 10 years old), I am more then estatic that we have been able to improve his quality of life on a daily basis.  I feel like I have my boy back!

Rod, thanks again!
Tammy and Chance