My Old English Sheepdog, Garcia shown signs of arthritis for several years. In the Fall of 2009, Garcia’s arthritis became so bad that he was having real difficulty standing, getting up from a seated position, and was no longer willing to go on daily walks. Our vet suggested we try underwater treadmill therapy with Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville.

Within a short period of time, Garcia showed definite signs of improvement, started walking again, and was able to move and get up much more easily. As we continued the treatment, Garcia started wanting longer and longer walks—sometimes upwards of an hour at a time, which is longer than he has ever wanted to walk.

Garcia is a different dog than he was before we started working with Rod Newman. Garcia is more alert, more energetic, and seems somehow younger than he has been in years. After we’d started working with Rod Newman, I had several people comment on Garcia’s energy level and how he seems so much younger than 10 years old.

I recommend Rod Newman and Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville without reservation. I have seen what this treatment has done for Garcia and could not be happier, more pleased, or more grateful.

Garcia loves his visits to the treadmill, and I love that we’ve been able to treat his arthritis without arthritis medication. I can not recommend Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville highly enough.

--Maryglenn W.