CRN offers assistance with many injuries and surgeries:
Orthopedic Conditions 
Neurologic Conditions
Degenerative Diseases
Pain Control
Vestibular Dysfunction, "Vertigo"
Custom Splint Design and Fabrication
Cart Fitting and Training 
After your pet's evaluation, we will design a home rehab program for you to perform with your animal.  As your pet progresses, we will advance the program to continue your pet's recovery.  Some tools used include:
Manual Therapy         Underwater Treadmill 
Therapuetic Laser             Masssage
Therapuetic Exercise        Ultrasound 
Electrical Stimulation       PEMF

Questions:  Please email RNewman@CanineRehabNashville.com or call (615)414-4867

Fabricating a custom splint for Trevor.