When my 75 lb. dog-child, Angel (mix of Great Dane and Greyhound),  blew her right-hind knee out on January 26, 2008, doing what she loves best – running, I was concerned about the quality of life she’d have after surgery.  I knew fixing the leg surgically was one thing, but getting her back to the quality of life she knew before surgery was key and wouldn’t happen without help.  Thank God I had met you last year during Dog Days…one phone call prior to surgery and you had a plan that came with great reassurance to me.

Thank you so much for your excellent rehabilitation work with Angel after her surgery, and the comfort you brought me through your knowledge and expertise of Angel’s condition.  As you know, the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) was a very invasive (not to mention expensive) procedure that left me to care for my 75 lb. dog-child, who I took home a couple days after her surgery.  The only post-op Doctor instructions were basically to keep her crated for 8 weeks with the exception of potty-breaks 3 times a day.  I am so pleased and grateful with her successful recovery, which I believe is due to both the work of the surgeon and her personalized rehabilitation work with you.

Having had hip replacement myself in late 2006, I knew how important physical therapy was to my successful condition today and it seemed a no-brainer that Angel would need similar help.  It is no secret that caging a dog for 8 weeks will leave the animal with severe loss of muscle mass, which will obviously be a negative in the overall recovery and speed of recovery for any animal (or human for that matter).  Angel is a very physical dog and the depression from her inactivity prior to the surgery was evident and that alone concerned me.  Having gone through my own surgery and dealing with the pre-op and post-op events, I was aware of the bigger picture for Angel and very concerned about her having full recovery without any kind of rehab.  I considered her pre-op state, adding surgery with the issues involved with post-op, and then leading right into the mix of depression and anxiety from her feeling better and still being caged, especially as a fairly young, otherwise healthy, active dog.  Working with you was a God-send…especially for me.  The peace of mind alone that came knowing Angel was getting the best of all worlds was priceless.
I know I asked lots of questions along the way, and your skilled guidance and expertise (both in directives and practical rehab exercises) were key to her successful recovery and my sanity.

Thank you for being there even when I asked what I thought were silly questions.  I needed answers, clarification and sometimes directives and I got them from you.  I learned quickly that you ‘knew your stuff’ and having the trust and confidence in your directives and skills were a huge benefit for me…and in turn for Angel.  I know Angel’s recovery was much faster than most, since she didn’t lose anymore muscle mass than when you started working with her due to the daily exercises you setup for her to do at home.  Those exercises provided more than physical rehabilitation…they provided a means of interaction for Angel and me, which aided our relationship and her emotional health—all factoring into her successful recovery.

Today Angel continues doing fabulously.  She has had a smooth and speedy recovery thanks to you.  She loved her times with you and is available if you ever need a demo dog.

Thanks again for everything, and for being a great working relationship during a stressful time!  Good luck with Canine Rehabilitation…folks are blessed to have you as a resource available to them, especially in the Nashville area.

All the best,

Susan and Angel L.