Our 7 year old 115# male boxer, who only looks like a dog but is really our "kid", in addition to having two TPLO surgeries and two surgeries for torn meniscus, suffers from horrible arthritis in his legs and spine.  It got so bad he was unable to move much and his rear legs could not bear his weight and were severely limited in range of motion.

We contacted Rod who was sensitive to our "boy" Rizzo and his medical issues as well as to our concern for Rizzo and fear that he would be unable to walk much ever again.  Rod took his time, carefully analyzing the medical condition presented and then spent a great deal of time teaching my wife and I how to manually manipulate various joint structures in Rizzo's legs from foot to hip.   Utilizing the techniques Rod taught us regularly, carefully and routinely with Rizzo has restored a significant amount of mobility.  He is able to climb stairs, play in the yard with his sister, and climb up to his "rightful" position in the bed when he has a mind to.  More importantly, his pain has been reduced substantially.

I recommend Rod Newman to anyone who cares about their canine companions who might have physical issues.  Rod is knowledgeable, skilled and interested in both the patient and the patient's caretakers.  He is a capable teacher and takes his time to ensure you understand.  My wife and I are grateful to Rod for his role in enabling Rizzo to continue to enjoy continued mobility and a visible reduction in the pain he was suffering.

Chuck & Elizabeth