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Millie the Bichon Frise and brother Hank
In August 2007 our precious 8-year-old Bichon Frise, Millie, suffered a ruptured disc in her spine which paralyzed her hind legs.  Thankfully her surgeon was able to repair the disc damage, but Millie did not immediately regain her ability to use her hind legs.  Our surgeon warned that it could take weeks if not months for her to be walking again.  Desperate to find a way to speed her recovery, we were blessed to have found Rod Newman of Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville.  Rod developed a very specific regimen of therapy for Millie that progressed as we saw results in her mobility.  We are convinced that without Rod's caring nature and personalized therapy, Millie would not have recovered as well as she did.  She is now back to her happy self and walking and running on her own.  We are truly grateful to have had Rod and his expertise to get our precious Millie back on all 4 feet!

Rob and Elizabeth C.
Thank you so much for your excellent rehabilitation work with Angel after her surgery, and the comfort you brought me through your knowledge and expertise of Angel’s condition.  As you know, the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) was a very invasive (not to mention expensive) procedure that left me to care for my 75 lb. dog-child, who I took home a couple days after her surgery.  The only post-op Doctor instructions were basically to keep her crated for 8 weeks with the exception of potty-breaks 3 times a day.  I am so pleased and grateful with her successful recovery, which I believe is due to both the work of the surgeon and her personalized rehabilitation work with you.  Read more
Angel the great dane/greyhound
Our 7 year old 115# male boxer, who only looks like a dog but is really our "kid", in addition to having two TPLO surgeries and two surgeries for torn meniscus, suffers from horrible arthritis in his legs and spine.  It got so bad he was unable to move much and his rear legs could not bear his weight and were severely limited in range of motion.

We contacted Rod who was sensitive to our "boy" Rizzo and his medical issues as well as to our concern for Rizzo and fear that he would be unable to walk much ever again.  Rod took his time, carefully analyzing the medical condition presented and then spent a great deal of time teaching my wife and I ...  Read more.
Rizzo the Boxer
  Rod started doing the exercises on Chance that people do that have Vertigo and I have seen an amazing improvement!  He is now having good days where he wants to play ball and be with us instead of laying under the bed all the time being dizzy.  Rod has showed me how to administer the therapy and while Chance is not perfectly normal yet, he has VASTLY improved.  I am extremely thankful to Rod for this.  Even though I will never run Chance in agility again(I would not take the chance on his getting hurt and he is now almost 10 years old), I am more then estatic that we have been able to improve his quality of life on a daily basis.  I feel like I have my boy back! Read more.

My Old English Sheepdog, Garcia has shown signs of arthritis for several years. In the Fall of 2009, Garcia’s arthritis became so bad that he was having real difficulty standing, getting up from a seated position, and was no longer willing to go on daily walks. Our vet suggested we try underwater treadmill therapy with Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville.

Within a short period of time, Garcia showed definite signs of improvement, started walking again, and was able to move and get up much more easily.  Read more.

The Amazing Garcia
Chance the American Eskimo